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A New Kind of Service-Oriented Laptop Batteries, Batteries, Laptop Accessories, Electronics, External Power, Solar Provider

We at S.H Company understand your concerns. It’s a jungle out there with foreign and domestic companies waging a price war on laptop batteries & accessories.
Price is very important indeed, but quality and longevity equate to better value.
What happens when the laptop battery you’ve just purchased online fails after 4 months (just outside the return window for most companies)? Can you get through to a live person who will help you to facilitate a return/replacement in an expeditious manner?
Welcome to S.H Company,  the leading and highly trusted laptop resource provider on the web offering a comprehensive suite of products for your computer needs.


S.H Company was started by a team of technology professionals with over 20 years of experience who possess a wealth of experience and knowledge within the technology and laptop battery industry. This experience has allowed our team to craft an approach to this market need with a unique perspective - bringing the highest quality products at the lowest price combined with the best customer support team in the industry.


Our success has allowed us to grow from a laptop battery online business into a mega online e-commerce store offering the highest quality Laptop Batteries, Batteries, Laptop Accessories, Electronics, External Power & Solar Chargers, Generators, and Panels.


  1. You will receive the highest quality laptop battery at the best price
  2. You will receive the best possible customer support (a LIVE person)
  3. If you place your confidence in us we will take care of all of your Laptop needs from a wide selection of batteries to a full range of accessories- all at a discounted price.
  4. We will stand behind every purchase with a 90-day money back guarantee and warranty, PLUS an easy return policy.


Hassle-Free Money Back Guarantee gives you the confidence you need to do business.

Protection against faulty or defective products brings peace of mind to your purchase.

90 day Warranty
We stand behind all of products and offer a 90 day warranty.
We stand behind all of our products and offer 90 day warranty. If your battery fails or does not hold a charge for 60 minutes, we will replace it with a brand new battery. Search the internet for any company offering the same battery quality and same warranty and you'll find that we offer the best warranty at the best price available on the internet. By using only the best battery cells, grades, and components our batteries are designed to last. Like anything else you buy, you will get what you pay for and at S.H Company we believe in offering only the best quality at the best price.

Equipment Protection ensures you won't subject your laptop and computer to unneccesary risk.

Only the batteries and chargers that are marked with a Protection Plan Icon on our website are covered.
Equipment Protection ensures you won’t subject your computer to unnecessary risk.

SAME DAY SHIPPING means your solution is on its way the same day you purchase.

Same day Shipping
All orders placed between Saturday and Friday before noon GMT +2 Time will be shipped the same day.
Plus Secure, Safe Online Ordering Process – Many people still hesitate to transact business in an online setting, and for good reason. The team at S.H Company has spared no expense or effort to make sure that your order is private, safe and secure. We have implemented a 128-bit SSL encryption code on our servers, and we do not store credit card information. In addition, we have partnered with Authorize.net, one of the world’s leaders in safe online transaction management, to provide you with the security you deserve.


We Care about our Customers – A Customer Centric Approach

While there are countless resources available for those who have a need for a laptop batteries, batteries, external and portable power or any other type of laptop accessories, many of those resources and outlets are completely impersonal in their approach. A multitude of online suppliers simply offer a product at a price that can be justified based on current market conditions – the price war. The team at S.H Company offers customers the opportunity to work with a provider that understands how to put the needs, desires and reasonable expectations of the customer at the top of our internal priority list. Below you’ll find specific examples of this approach.
Before providing examples of specifics, we’d like you to understand that the reason that S.H Company can provide our customers with such highly competitive pricing is because we eliminate the middle man and remove all of the unnecessary costs associated with bringing a quality product to market. We purchase our inventory directly from certified manufacturers who are located all over the world so that you can benefit from our expertise in putting together the highest quality product offerings at the lowest price.

and we also have some support through our production lines in China And also through our factories in Egypt For more than ten years of experience

We look carefully at our vendors’ certifications and make sure that the products we provide are made from durable raw materials that will provide you with the highest quality experience. Specific qualities we look for in our suppliers include those who are:
  1. Using the highest name brand Grade A battery cells
  2. Laptop batteries with the highest capacity available
  3. Those that provide a long-lasting battery that will last longer than your original battery
  4. Assured of quality through ISO9001 certification and that are C, CE and UL rated.
As you can see, when a company offers only the highest quality products and puts the same level of emphasis on customer service and how it conducts business, companies grow through consumer confidence. That’s exactly what we’ve done at S.H Company.  If you have any additional questions or concerns, please don’t hesitate to contact us at any time to obtain the information you need. We are here to serve you.

The S.H Company Team


Our best practice standards and high quality products have enabled us to grow our Trusted Partner Network to include: Amazon, Noon, jumia, eBay, alibaba, Sears, Rakuten, and Newegg.