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The team of professionals at S.H Stores looks forward to earning your trust and your long-term business. Obviously, one of the final steps in the process of working with us involves the shipping step. Our team insists on erring on the side of over-communicating with our customers and potential customers. Below you'll find an overview of our shipping policy.

Fast Same Day Shipping

S.H Stores will waste no time in fulfilling your order. If you place your order BEFORE 12:00 PM Pacific Time, Monday through Friday, and your item is in stock, your order will be shipped the same day. Orders placed after 12:00 PM GMT +2 Time will be shipped the next business day.
Orders will NOT be processed on weekends and holidays. Orders placed on Friday after 12:00 PM Pacific Time will be shipped on the following Monday, including air shipments. We strongly suggest that you do not choose Next Day Air or 2nd Day Air as a shipping method for orders placed on Friday after 12:00 PM GMT +2 Time.
In order to process your order smoothly, we strongly recommend you to use the same address for your shipping address and billing address. Otherwise, your order will be delayed for further verification.

Next Day Air Shipping
If you order Next Day Air Shipping, please keep in mind it’s Next Business Day which does not include Friday delivery.  For example: if you placed an order on thursday  for Next Day Air, it will be delivered on Saturday .  

UPS Ground Transit Time
For UPS Ground shipping, the transit days (does not include weekend days) for delivery 

Unfortunately, laptop battery shipping is not always a smooth process despite everyone's best efforts. Below are some basic policies in place regarding certain contingencies that could arise:

Package Refusal

The team at S.H Stores does not recommend that you refuse a package from us. Doing so will only add to the cost of the process for everyone involved. Instead, if you need a refund, accept the package and begin this process with us through our established protocols. If a package is refused, the cost of the returned shipment will be deducted from your refund.
If you order international shipping, refusing a package will add not only to the shipping costs but there will also be a 20% restocking fee added to the original order as well as the amount of the brokerage fee that's required for our products to ship across borders.

Packages Lost in Transit

If your order is lost in transit, S.H Stores will immediately begin the process of running a tracer on your shipment. This process generally takes approximately 10 business days, and if the order is not located when this process is complete S.H Stores reship your order to you.

Company Ships Wrong Product

Mistakes can occur during the fulfillment process, and if you receive the wrong product because of our mistake, S.H Stores will reship the correct product to you provided it is available in stock. All we ask is the following:The buyer must inform us of the mistake within 10 days of receiving the wrong product.
The buyer must inform us of the mistake within 10 days of receiving the wrong product.
Depending on the situation, our team may ask for additional information regarding the shipping mistake, which could include a photograph of what you received.
The product must be returned with the proper RMA number within 10 days.
When we receive the incorrect battery, our team will ship the proper product to you immediately. If you provide us with a valid tracking number on your return shipment, we will ship the new product to you as soon as your shipment is verified.

Lost Orders

A product is considered lost if it does not reach the recipient within two weeks (14 days) of the order being placed.
If the tracking number shows that the product was delivered to the correct address, S.H Stores is no longer liable for the shipment.
If the tracking number shows that the product was not delivered, you simply need to complete an affidavit, sign it and fax it back to the customer service department. At that point, S.H Stores will ship you a new product. We will also investigate the situation, which could take up to two weeks to complete.
S.H Stores will pay for the new shipping fee.

Product is Damaged by or Stolen from Shipping

A product is considered damaged if:
The package contains a document from the company stating that the box was opened and the product was damaged; or
The recipient opens the package and the product has physically been damaged in some material way.
A product is considered stolen if the recipient receives the package with shipping company documentation that states that the package was opened and the product removed during the shipping process.
In either case, all you need to do is fill out our affidavit, sign it and fax it back to our Customer Service department. If the product is damaged but you receive it, ship it back to us with your affidavit. Once we receive the documentation that includes a statement from the shipping company that the product was damaged or stolen during delivery, S.H Stores will ship you a new product at no cost to you.
The damaged product must be returned within 10 days of receiving it. Products returned for this reason more than 30 days after receipt will incur an additional charge of $10. S.H Stores will not be responsible for the return shipping fee.

Wrong or Undeliverable Address:
If the buyer informs S.H Stores that he or she has provided the incorrect shipping address, then:
S.H Stores will attempt to intercept the shipment. However, no guarantee of the success of this attempt can be made, as orders are shipped quickly.
If the buyer provides an incorrect shipping address and the order is not returned to S.H Stores, the company is not responsible for the missed shipment. At that point, you should see our Lost Orders policy.
If the product is returned to S.H Stores, the buyer may request a reshipment. While the buyer would be responsible for the new shipping fee, S.H Stores will waive the processing fee.
If the product is returned to S.H Stores, the buyer may cancel the order at that time. However, the buyer would still be responsible for both the current shipping fee and the processing fee.

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If you have any questions or concerns regarding the laptop battery shipping process at S.H Stores, please feel free to contact us at any time.