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Fujitsu UNYWILL  L51 Battery [6 Cells 5200mAh]

Replacement Laptop Battery 

If you need a replacement battery for your laptop computer, you should look for the most cost effective and longest lasting laptop battery available. Our custom engineered Professional Series replacement laptop batteries are the first and only high capacity extended longer life battery upgrade available. This battery is manufactured using the highest quality battery cells with integrated charge indicator LEDs. Depending on the model some upgrade will last up to 68% longer than your factory issued laptop battery. Longer life means more uptime for your batteries and better performance from your computer. Guaranteed quality Professional laptop batteries with a risk free 90 day return policy makes ELSHIKH Stores replacement laptop computer batteries the best value on the market.
  •  Professional grade A cell batteries custom manufactured for high performance and longer life to exceed OEM specifications
  • Every  replacement laptop battery is thoroughly safety tested and certified in our ISO 9001 factories
  • The Exact Match System guarantees every  Professional replacement laptop battery to be 100% compatible and optimized for your OEM system.
  • Superior Design for True Fit and Finish
  • Reduced total cost of ownership.
  • Extended Run Time and Longer Life Battery.
  • Environmentally Responsible.
  • Comprehensive Guarantee.
  • Increased Power Regulation for Efficiency.
Order Your Replacement Battery Today – Backed by the Industry's Only
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  • Cells: 6
  • Capacity: 5200mAh
  • Battery Type: Li-ion
  • Coler: Black
  • Compatible Brand: Fujitsu
  • Compatible Model:  23GL1GF0F-8A 3S4000-C1S3-04   3S4000-G1P3-04   3S4000-G1S2-04   3S4000-S1P3-04   3S4000-S1S3-04   3S4400-XXXX-04   805N00045   L50-3S4000-C1L1   L50-3S4000-C1S1   L50-3S4000-C1S2   L50-3S4000-S1P3   L50-3S4400-S1S5   L51-3S4000-G1L1   L51-3S4000-S1P1   L51-3S4400-C1L3   L51-3S4400-G1P3   L51-3S4400-S1S5   WP-UNL50/3   1820      1510     2510      1505     1506     2512     2515    

Battery Comparison Chart

What a Longer Lasting Laptop Battery ?
Battery capacity

4000mAh = 45 - 90 Mins
5200mAh = 30% More
6600mAh = 65% More
7200mAh = 80% More
8800mAh = 120% More
10400mAh = 180% More

7 Hidden Battery Secrets!

Our mission at ELSHIKH Stores is to provide you with as much information possible to make the best decision for your battery needs. We've taken the time to do the research for you and have created a simple chart that outlines the important factors when buying a laptop battery. We've created the 7 Laptop Battery Secrets battery manufacturers don't want you to know!

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